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Now issuing earthquake early warning alerts in California! The MyShake app -- developed by the UC Berkeley Seismology Lab, sponsored by the State of California Office of Emergency Services -- is the first app to provide statewide earthquake early warning alerts. The app is one of the delivery modes of the California Earthquake Early Warning System. MyShake is different to all the other earthquake apps. In addition to providing earthquake alerts, maps and safety tips, your phone helps to detect earthquakes. MyShake provides earthquake early warnings in California for estimated magnitude 4.5 earthquakes and higher to phones in the light shaking (MMI 3), or higher, areas. Get earthquake ready and help your community. Have earthquake information at your fingertips and help create a global earthquake detection system. Quickly understand the impact of an earthquake. See damage and shaking reports submitted by other community members along with information from the US Geological Survey. Stay informed. Get notifications about nearby earthquakes and track earthquakes around the globe. Share your experience. Felt an earthquake? Create and experience report and see reports from fellow users and MyShake scientists. Help improve earthquake early warning. Your device becomes an earthquake sensor and joins a smartphone network collecting valuable data. Learn more at



  • My Shake

    By rvimzpjwvdy74'eo
    Was supposed to warn of an earthquake but does not. In fact after having them where I live this app doesn’t even show them!
  • Need geography settings

    By IamTheChefMaestro
    Update: Thanks for response and helpful. So if I turn the global push notification off, I will still receive a push notification if an earthquake of 4.5+ hits in California? To confirm, it is a push notification? I live in California and get continual alerts for Indonesia or other places. I am becoming numb to the alerts given the frequency of alerts, which would make this app useless. Need the ability to set location: E.g. “only alert me if within 200 mile radius.” In the meantime, If the real one hits, I would ignore the alert because I would think it’s for another location far from me.
  • Took me time to understand alerts and notifications aren't the same

    By sidfs
    Once that was done, let's see if I ever need it :)
  • Good start, great idea

    By liuping
    I like the app and the while concept, I just wish it would let me filter out notifications by distance. I don’t need to know immediately about earthquakes half way around the world. Just within 1000 miles or so would be nice.
  • Power hog

    By Jge4jc
    Hello this app a month ago and started noticing that my iPhone power level was dropping more quickly than usual. I deinstalled the app last week and the power level drops more slowly like it used. Apparently this app has an appetite for power. Other than that I think it works well.
  • Earthquake Today Didn’t Work

    By KaptainKaramel
    Not only did it not provide any warning but the earthquake has not even been listed. 3.5 M - 10 miles north of INDIO, Ca
  • DEAD APP!!!!!!!

    By Dano 33
    DEAD APP! This App is DEAD! USELESS! DELETING NOW! The State of CA & Gov Newsom were pushing Californian’s to get this App because we would get prior alerts, & earthquake notifications! Many Quakes have hit in SoCal & No Warning, not even registered on App. My other Earthquake App is way more reliable and i have had it 3 years! Keeping the other Earthquake App while i Delete this App! I can’t believe UC CAL BERKLEY helped design this App.
  • Feature Request: Ability to subscribe to location

    By iOS6-iPhone_iPad
    I like the idea of this app but I think it can be greatly improved by offering the ability to subscribe to a location for alerts/reports. While it is interesting that there was an earthquake in Indonesia, I don’t want to receive alerts and pop-up’s for it. I mainly care if there is an earthquake happening EAE real-time in San Francisco and would like the feature to only get alerts for this area. It would be great if I can subscribe to alerts by selecting a city or be able to draw the boundary on a map. Thanks again for building this app and sharing the data. Keep up the awesome work!
  • Terrible!

    By ZachStallings
    3 different earthquakes happened in Ventura CA and the app didn’t show them anywhere. The map is also incredibly inaccurate. Useless app.
  • No way to filter notifications by location

    By shidarin
    If you want to be notified of 6.5 mag earthquakes in the middle of the ocean, this app is for you. Unfortunately, the promise of the app is ruined by an inability to add any new notification areas. Your only option is global, which you can set to whatever magnitude you want. You can filter old data by location, but not the earthquake alerts. So every time a larger earthquake happens, you'll be reading the screen trying to determine the location to see if you need to take action. Please let us add a custom notification area so we can turn off global alerts and be given precious extra seconds of warning for LOCAL earthquakes.