Inspyre by SmartMonitor

Inspyre by SmartMonitor

By SmartMonitor

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2018-01-16
  • Current Version: 1.19
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 48.50 MB
  • Developer: SmartMonitor
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 2.5
From 20 Ratings


To sign up for a SmartWatch Inspyre™ subscription, please visit SmartWatch Inspyre™ will not function without a monthly or annual subscription plan. The Inspyre by SmartMonitor app is designed to work with Apple Watch by SmartMonitor that alerts upon repetitive shaking motion. Inspyre allows users to track mobility, symptoms, reminders, notifications and other health data. Inspyre is an easy­ to ­use, non-invasive wristwatch that continuously monitors movements and instantly alerts connected family members and caregivers upon the onset of repetitive, irregular shaking motion. - Inspyre detects abnormal motion via motion sensors or heart rate sensor on the Apple Watch. Sensitivity controls allow you to set customized settings specific to you. - ​During an abnormal motion event, ​Inspyre ​acquires​ heart rate ​values ​from the ​​Healthkit. NOTES: - Application gets user location in case of emergency and use GPS in background as well. It can dramatically decrease battery life. - Application uses the HealthKit APIs for integration with the Health app to get heart rate data. - Recommended placement of the iPhone for seizure detection is on the arm using an arm band. - Long use of Watch based abnormal motion and elevated heart rate detection may decrease watch battery life. - To be able to use the SmartWatch Inspyre™, you will need an activation code and login credentials. Please visit SmartWatch Inspyre™ will not function without an activation code and the proper credentials.



  • The other poor reviews don’t know how to log-in properly. please read my review

    By Crystal Lawhorn
    When you have submitted your subscription the app works flawlessly and seems to learn from your body. Some people left poor reviews stating they couldn’t get logged in or get a response from customer service. I was able to log in the day after my payment was processed and my subscription started. The app does work and customer service was so responsive they actually care about you and I received responses within 2 hours at the longest. I suggest if you have one arm that moves more than the other, for example when I have a grand mal seizure my family says that my right arm starts convulsing first and that it always moves upward a convulses harder than my left arm, I switched my Apple Watch to my right wrist to be more accurate with abnormal motion detection. While my legs lock up and convulse. Every muscle in my body seems to convulse during a grand mal. But it usually starts with my right arm, which I why I switched my watch to my right wrist as it starts there. I may have auras first and not have enough time to respond or yell for help, SmartMonitor alerts my contacts (husband & mother) immediately.
  • Needs work, good start.

    By Terri#19
    I love the idea of this app because I don’t have to buy another smart watch. The down side is this isn’t really meant for use outside of night time sleeping hours. Any vibrate notifications will set this off so wearing it to bed and keeping my morning alarm on with vibrate set just annoys everyone at 4:30 am. When I realized the vibration was setting it off I immediately tried to press the cancel button but it fades away so fast I couldn’t press it fast enough. The contacts already receive the alerts before the window to cancel has expired, this timing needs improvement. They had actually received notification before I hit cancel on other false alarms. The cancel notification needs improvement, a larger button, with less wording like a giant red X instead, at least it’s easier to press for those with poor vision. I also hoped I could wear this while doing chores because I am generally by myself and worry that I would seize during chores because I am exerting myself. it worked well when I mowed one part of my lawn, but was set off when doing the opposite side. It also set off when I was pushing a garbage can through gravel. My first false alarm was when I made my usual protein shake in the morning..... LOL, I had to send out “protein shake” alert apologies to my contacts! I included a pic of my protein shake, it was understandable but I still felt bad for annoying everyone so early on a Saturday morning. The app needs refinement and the initial set up instructions are not intuitive, there are 2 apps one of them keeps saying each logon credential is only 5 characters, but the email with them doesn’t come until much later. Complete instructions at time of payment would be a huge help, as there isn’t any reason given for the 3-5 business day delay in processing payment and confirmation.
  • Peace of Mind

    By AndreasDaughter
    My daughter has intractable epilepsy. We never know when a seizure will happen. We use the Inspyre on my daughter’s watch and phone to help us keep her safe. The app alerts us via text and phone call when a convulsion is detected. It allows her to have more freedom and provides us with peace of mind. -Andrea
  • Not what I was expecting!

    By Bellisimo7
    I was very excited about this after reading everything on the website, reading about it on, and seeing that it has been FDA approved. I downloaded the app, paid the FULL price for everything and I waited ... and waited ... and waited. Six days and three phone calls later and they never activated my account. I finally sent an email and cancelled everything. Don’t spend your money on this. Their customer service is horrible and they will not activate your account. Very disappointed!
  • Worst App Experience Ever

    By Spookie274
    Downloaded the app and eventually figured out how to pay for it on Friday. No luck in getting a log in and password though. So on Monday finally got a hold of “customer service” and they were rude as could be but promised to have a log in, password and all the documentation emailed by end of business Monday. Well, it is now Wednesday night and still have yet to receive anything from them and multiple attempts to contact their “customer service” only gets a voicemail. What a joke!! Didn’t want to give it a single star but had to give it one. Is it possible to give negative stars?
  • Register

    By Samarah-Lynn
    For all of you confused about the login screen, you have to call/message SmartMonitor to get a subscription and login. This app absolutely does work, and I’ve been using it for years. It sends text messages with alerts and locations of seizure activity, as well as calling someone in your contact list. Try reading and researching before calling it garbage, thx.
  • No free trial, very expensive

    By Luv2Hop
    This app offers no free trial. There are no directions to tell users that set up REQUIRES purchase of at least one month. The basic plan with minimal service is the same price as the full service plan that can be found on other apps (that offer free trials). This service is important enough that adequate directions and reasonable pricing should both be offered.
  • Confusing/ less than one star

    By dionnarae
    This is the most confusing app I’ve ever seen on an iPhone interface. Once downloaded, it directs you to a log in screen. THATS IT. No register/sign in.... JUST SIGN IN. Once I went to the developer website I figured out how to direct myself to the app’s registration page where you have to purchase a package. If this would’ve been put in the app it would have made the MOST difference. As it stands this app is useless to any average person who doesn’t know this information and is just trying to find a way to alert someone if they have a seizure.
  • Disappointing and waste of time!! I rated 1 🌟 but it’s not even that zero 🌟

    By pstinks
    I was extremely excited about this kind of an app as I hoped it could detect seizures. I was looking forward to being able to possibly have more freedom and give me and my family some piece of mind. Especially if I’m alone. My son discovered it and made sure it was downloaded onto my phone and watch immediately. Well unless you develop a way to actually REGISTER, then this is a completely useless app. Why would you develop something so promising but forget the key element allowing the user to register. I’m not sure if that was intentional just to be jerks or access cell phone information. Regardless, this is nothing more than a complete waste of time and space. Way to mess with people who are chronically ill by giving some false hope and sense of security. Take the program down!! Jerks!
  • You have to purchase the app on their website

    By Heart0276
    The people writing these reviews aren’t the smartest jellybeans in the candy bowl. You have to go to the company’s website and purchase a subscription for the app. They’ll then send you the username and password you need to set the app up. I’ve only had the app for a few days but it seems to work well. I tested it out last night and it worked just as promised. I’m glad I can now live with the peace of mind that if I happen to have a seizure while alone, help will be on the way.